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  Descendants of Wilhelmus de Leeuw  

635 Wilhelmus (Guillaume) de Leeuw, he had as occupation; binding in bundles of small branches. Born on 17-04-1751 at Cromvoirt, died at 16-09-1820 Cromvoirt. 
Married with on 10-05-1778 Vught with

Margaretha (Margot) Vissers (Viersschers), born on 27-05-1753 at Vught, died on 04-05-1816 Cromvoirt.

  From this marriage:  
1. Hendrikus (Henri, Henricus) de Leeuw; (zie 621).
2. Wilhelmina Catherina (Guilielmina Catherina), daughter, born on 11-10-1781, baptized (RC=Roman Catholic) on 11-10-1781.
3. Willemina (Guillaume), daughter, born (RC) on 07-02-1784, died far after 1810.
4. Anna Maria, daughter, baptized (RC) on 28-09-1785 at Cromvoirt.
5. Joannes, son, baptized (RC) on 27-10-1787 at Vught.
6. Adriana, daughter, baptized (RC) on 02-12-1789 at Cromvoirt.
7. Walterus (Gautier), son, baptized (RC) on 15-02-1792, died far after 1810.
8. Wilhelmus (Guillaume), son, born at 27-05-1794, baptized (RC) on 28-05-1794, died far after 1810.
9. Adrianus (Adrien), son, baptized (RC) on 14-02-1798, died far after 1810.
10. Arnoldus (Arnout), son, baptized (RC) on 14-11-1800 at Cromvoirt, died far after 1810.
  621 Hendrikus (Henri, Henricus) de Leeuw, born on 13-08-1779 at Deuteren, baptized (RC) on 13-08-1779 at Deuteren. His occupation was proprietor of a café and councillor of municipality and from the poor.
In 1826, he tried to be become mayor of Cromvoirt. He was suited for the function, but he was rejected for two reasons. First, because he lived in Little Deuteren. In the winter Little Deuteren was cut of Bois le Duke by surrounding water. And second, because he was an proprietor of a café. According to Artikel 7 of the regulations, one with an occupation like proprietor of a café, was not allowed to execute the function as mayor, to prevent that people who got married, were forced to have their party in the café of the mayor/proprietor of a café.
He died on 07-02-1830 at Cromvoirt, at an age of 50-year and was the son of Wilhelmus (Guillaume) de Leeuw (see 635) and Margaretha (Margot) Vissers (Viersschers).
Notice of intended marriage was on 16-05-1801 at Cromvoirt, he got married on 21-year old age on 31-05-1801 at Cromvoirt Anna Steenbakkers, 29 years old, born on 08-03-1772 at Deuteren, baptized (RC) on 08-03-1772 at Deuteren, died on 14-07-1835 at Cromvoirt on 63-year old age.
  From this marriage:  
1. Peter (Pierre, Piet, Petrus) (zie 624).
2. Adrienne (Adriana), daughter, born on 24-07-1805 at Deuteren, baptized (RC) on 24-07-1805 at Deuteren, died far after 1810.
3. Adrianus (Adrien, Adriaan), son, born on 05-11-1807 at Deuteren, baptized (RC) on 05-11-1807 at Deuteren, occupation decoyman from 1840 to 1865. From 1865 to 1890: gardener, agricultural farmer.
Married twice: first marriage: (1). Spoose is Jacoba van den Dungen, baptized (RK) on 30-07-1786 at Vught. She was 13 years older then him! She died on a age of 76-years on 16-01-1863 at Deuteren.
He married for the second time with (2) Maria Ribbenkamp, born on 08-02-1824 at Bois le Duke. Still not known, when he died.
4. Wilhelmus, son, born on 27-02-1811 at Cromvoirt.
5. Wilhelmus (Willem, Guillaume), son, born on 12-06-1813 at Cromvoirt, proprietor of a café at Bois le Duke around 1841, died on 24-05-1890 at Deuteren on a age of 76 years.
6. Antonius (zie 257).
  624 Peter (Pierre, Piet, Petrus) de Leeuw, born on 03-10-1803 at Deuteren, baptized (RC) on 03-10-1803 at Deuteren, proprietor of a café from 1850 to 1865, lived in quarter B number 16 at Deuteren; probably the layer of the Stonetablet of the farm Little Deuteren; died after 1865, son of Hendrikus (Henri, Henricus) de Leeuw (see 621) and Anna Steenbakkers.
Married with Maria du Pon, born on 11-06-1815 at Cromvoirt.
  From this marriage:  
1. Fransiska, born on 08-10-1840 at Cromvoirt, daughter.
Married in 1889 at Bois le Duke with Johannes Lavecom, born on 14-06-1832 at Gorinchem.
His parents: Jasper Lavecom and Geertruida van Wankum.
2. Gerardus, son, born on 18-06-1842 at Cromvoirt, died on 28-01-1851 at Cromvoirt on a age of 8-year.
3. Gererdina, daughter, born on 31-08-1843 at Cromvoirt.
4. Elizabeth, daughter, born on 16-12-1844 at Cromvoirt.
5. Maria, daughter, born on 31-08-1848 at Cromvoirt.
  257 Antonius de Leeuw, proprietor of a café, agricultural farmer, born on 15-10-1815 at Cromvoirt (RC), died on 31-03-1881 at Cromvoirt on an age of 65 years, son van Hendrikus (Henri, Henricus) de Leeuw (see 621) and Anna Steenbakkers.
Married on an age of 25 years on 14-01-1841 at Oisterwijk with Maria Brok, 27 years old, farmerwoman. She was born on 07-09-1813 at Oisterwijk, and died on 20-01-1885 at Cromvoirt on an age of 71 years.
  From this marriage:  
1. Anna Hendrika Cornelia, daughter, born on 14-10-1841 at Cromvoirt, died on 23-01-1842 at Cromvoirt, 101 days old.
2. Johanna Cornelia (Johanna/Jans?), daughter, born on 12-11-1842 at Cromvoirt, died on 01-12-1894 at Deuteren on an age of 52 years.
3. Hendricus Franciscus (Henri), son, born on 01-01-1844 at Cromvoirt.
4. Johannes Wilhelmus (Jan), son, born on 18-11-1844 at Cromvoirt, inn-keeper.
5. Petrus Hendrikus (Peter), son, born on 17-02-1846 at Cromvoirt, died on 19-11-1846 at Deuteren, 275 days old.
6. Anna Theodora (Anna, Antoinette), daughter, born on 02-05-1847 at Cromvoirt, died on 10-08-1903 at Deuteren on an age of 56 years old.
Married on a 26-year age on 28-04-1874 at Cromvoirt with Abraham Johannes Lathouwers, merchant, born around 1845, died after 1878.
7. Margaretha Jacoba (Jacoba), daughter (of a twin), born on 16-11-1848 at Cromvoirt, cafékeeper, died on 25-09-1921 at Vught on an age of 72 years old.
Married on 29 years old age on 14-01-1878 at Vught with Jan Hendrik Hubert Vroemen; he was on his weddingday 30 years old and born on 08-01-1848 at Beek (Limburg), inspector of Department of Public Works, died on 25-11-1894 at Bois le Duke on an age of 46 years old.
8. Theodorus Franciscus (Theodoor), son (of a twin), born on 16-11-1848 at Cromvoirt, died on 16-11-1850 at Cromvoirt at an age of 2 years. According the stories of our familie, he drowned. Probably he went rowing with his family on his birthday in a boat. Around November it must have been pretty cold.
9. Maria Hendrika, daughter, born on 29-03-1850 at Cromvoirt, died on 16-12-1850 at Deuteren, 262 days old.
10. Maria Theodora (Marie), daughter, born on 21-04-1851 at Cromvoirt.
Married on an age of 33 years old on 23-09-1884 at Cromvoirt with Franciscus Hubertus Josephus Baptist, 29 years old, born on 23-09-1855 at Bois le Duke; he died on 06-01-1920 at Brussel (Belgium) on an age of 64 years old.
11. Theodorus Anthonius,son, tanner, commercial traveller in 1882, born on 01-07-1852 at Cromvoirt.
12. Agnes Wilhelmina, daughter, born on 16-12-1853 at Cromvoirt, housekeeper with her nephew Adam Antoon Frans Baptist the famous and well known doctor from Megen (1885-1969); she died on 16-02-1936 at Megen on an age of 82 years old.
13. Wilhelmina Francisca (Willemien), daughter, born on 29-10-1856 at Cromvoirt, died on 20-07-1951 at Bois le Duke on an age of 94 years old.
Married with Adrianus Jacobus Vlamings, she died far before 1951. 
14. Constantina Fransisca (Constance), daughter, born on 26-08-1858 at Cromvoirt, died on 23-12-1925 at Vught on an age of 67 years old.
She got married on an age of 24 years on 11-07-1883 at Cromvoirt with Leonardus Petrus Jacobus Maria (Leon) BAPTIST, born on 15-05-1854 at Bois le Duke. His age at his marriage was 29 years old, merchant, bookkeeper-administrator, director of the Municipal-Bank of Loan, died on 12-02-1923 at Vught on an age of 68 years old.
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