Website about Little Deuteren and the family de Leeuw.
  Weddingpicture of Felix van Hootigem and Netta Vroemen taken in front of the farm Little Deuteren on 17-05-1906.  
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Names that you will find, are: de Leeuw, Vroemen, Baptist, van Hootigem, Strijbosch, Trügg, Bruchere.
  Other persons, who were probably on the weddingparty, but are not yet identified in this picture, are:

Camilius Aloysius de Brughere (also called 'de Brüker'), here 40 years old, from Breskens, family of the bridegroom Felix van Hootigem. Undoubtedly he will have brought his wife with him (if he was married). He was witness at the wedding and probably is sitting in front of the row.
Hubertus, Jan Hubert Vroemen, born on 03-01-1841 at Beek, brother of the deseased Jan Hendrik Hubert Vroemen.
Maria Johanna Sebilla Vroemen, born on 27-05-1843 at Beek, sister of the deseased Jan Hendrik Hubert Vroemen.
Jan, Johannes Antonius Hendrikus Mattias Vroemen, born on 21-08-1886 at Cromvoirt, at that time 19 years old, died on 14-11-1960 at Bois le Duke.
Marie, Maria Theodora de Leeuw, born on 21-04-1851 at Cromvoirt, at that time 55 years old, died on ??
I still miss 3 women in this list.

The children of the guests were at the party, but when this picture was taken, they had to stay inside the house.
Joke, Johanna Agnes Maria Theodora Vroemen, born on 12-12-1889 at Cromvoirt, in this farm Little Deuteren, at that time 17 years old, died on 07-03-1986 at Nijmegen. She (my grandmother), had to stay inside the house to watch over the children. Even at age of 96 years old, she still was angry about this.